NiiCa Canada Ltd. - Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance level 1(2000 - 2010)
Established in September 1989   Thursday, March 26, 2015
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NiiCa Canada Ltd. - Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance level 1(2000 - 2010)

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NiiCa is a total internet technology solutions company based in Toronto, ontario, Canada. At NiiCa we know that the professional website design starts with thorough analysis and understanding of the market, competitive landscape, user and functional requirements and a full digital strategy can be formed that fits and would be tailored to your online business or just web presence. Our long term experience helping companies find their way and establishing their businesses on the internet and making profits.  Our support Desk customers are satisfied.

"We Work As A Team"
Guaranteed Success
NiiCa obtained the Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance Level I (2000 - 2010) for Industry Canada. Successfully screened and verified by Canadian Government top secret clearing house and have completed several projects for both provencial and federal governments.

Intranet WebServices Development - Corporate Internet Design/Dev.

We specialize in professional web site development, eCommerce StoreFronts as well as  Domain Hosting & Website Content Management. Our attention to detail, professional graphic design and unparallel technical support desk has won us several IT support desk awards in Canada.

Business to Business Corporate Website Marketing is different than Online Marketing or traditional Internet Marketing. The audience is different and has different needs. The typical visitor to a business to business corporate website is more "web savvy" than the typical visitor to a website that is geared towards the typical consumer or a website that sells products direct to consumers.

The main reason for NiiCa's success has been a commitment to Internet Website development & promotion services. When you're considering a web site development project, NiiCa has the experience, credibility & expertise for your business need.

Development Tools We Use - The .NET Framework - Macromedia Flash MX

We are specialized Microsoft .Net Framework developers with special emphasis on Visual C#.NET and VB.NET. Our experience with Microsoft's older technologies give NiiCa a higher leverage over our competitors. We have superior and world class graphics artists, animators and game designer with years of experience.

  • Dynamic Database Driven Websites
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • Web Site Redesign
  • Wireless networking
  • Live Internet Radio
  • Domain Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Streaming Audio / Video
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Live Intenet Webcasting
.NET Developer Help
.NET Framework
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- .net.framework
- .net.general
- .net.setup
- .net.scripting
- .net.xml

Web Services
- aspnet.webservices
- msdn.soaptoolkit
- msdn.webservices

SQL Server
- sqlserver.setup
- sqlserver.prog...

Classic ASP
- asp.db
- asp.general
- asp.components

- scripting.jscript
- scripting.remote
- scripting.vbscript
- scripting.wsh

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NiiCa Canada Ltd. - Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance level 1(2000 - 2010)
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