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Who Am I? - I'm Black Canadian

This site is dedicated to providing information concerning Black World history, with a focus on Black Canadian history and perspectives. I have decided to post this site to provide, a source for further information concerning the experiences of Black people around the world. Growing up I found it rather hard to find information concerning my ancestry and Black cultural development, from around the world. I have noted that North American textbooks refuse to note the contributions and achievements of people of color, not only Black, but of all minorities. Although I cannot start to comprehend the total undertaking of this information, I have decided to make a start and hope that this site will grow into knowledge database that provides a wealth of information to the general public. I have also developed this site to provide a forum for understanding and appreciation of the Black culture. We have all become inundated with statistics on urban Black crime in North America along with education and economic pitfalls, I hope that this site will be used to provide some positive aspects