The Republic of Ghana

carThe Republic of Ghana

Formerly Gold Coast and a former colony of the British Empire is situated in the Gulf of Guinea between longitude 3 15' W and 1 12' East, latitude 5 and 10 north. It is bounded to the East by Togo (Former French Colony), the West by Ivory Coast (Former French Colony), the North by Burkina Faso (Former French Colony), and the South by the Atlantic Ocean. Its land mass covers a total of about 238,500 km sq. Ghana was called the "Gold Coast" by the European merchants, and was known by this name until the attainment of Independence in 1957.

The name Ghana was suggested by the Hon. J.B. Danquah of the Big Six. In the late 1920's, a number of political parties dedicated to regaining African Independence sprang up, but neither these nor the United Gold Coast Convention (U.G.C.C.), which was founded in 1947, were nationally based. They also ignored the aspirations of the large numbers of workers attracted to the cities by the boom in public works. Aware of this, the then secretary-general of the U.G.C.C, Kwame Nkrumah, broke away in 1948 to found his own political party - the Convention People's Party (C.P.P.). It quickly became the voice of the masses and, for the first time, drew the north into national politics; its slogan was "Self-Government Now".

The CPP was an overnight success and Nkrumah's fiery speeches captured the mood of the nation perfectly. More information about the history of politics in Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah can be found on the web site. Ghana offers tourist attractions which are based on the history of many occupations by European invaders. Explore Elmina Castle built by the Portuguese in 1471 in their search for gold and spices. The British built numerous castles during their occupation in search of those same gold mines. The slave trade has been preserved in Ghana with a tribute to this dark period of history, with areas intact where slaves were held until their departure for the New World. English is the official language with various tribal dialects regionally spoken throughout the country. Major cities such as Accra, Tema and Cape Coast boom with hotels and restaurants.

Marketplaces are common and shoppers are expected to barter for the best price. Ghana is home of the traditional KENTE cloth, whose familiar woven golds, reds, and greens are used throughout the world in clothing and handbags. Gold jewelry is of the highest quality and carved handcrafts are plentiful. The forests can be explored. There are organized safaris to view the natural wildlife, and the numerous birds and butterflies are a sightseer's delight. The tropical climate is ideal for lounging on Ghana's beaches and exploring its coastal castles. Ghana Is A Country Of Great Contrast.          » more

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