Festivals In Ghana


One of the most attractive aspects of the Ghanaian culture is
the colorful traditional festivals and durbars which are held
yearly in all parts of the country. These festivals reveal some
common features and beliefs of our society. Through the
festivals, the people remember their ancestors and ask for
their protection. Festivals are also held in order to purify
the whole state so that people can enter the New Year with
confidence and hope. Below are some major festivals to which
you are invited.




Adae And Akwasidae

Kumasi - Ashanti Region (272 Km north Of Accra )
The pomp and pageantry of the Ashanti Kingdom is most vividly brought to life during beautiful Adae festivals which are held at the palace. These are occasions when the king , riding in a palanquin and adorned with all his gold ornaments comes out  to receive homage from sub-chiefs


Elmina, Central Region 57Km West of Accra

This is the native version of Christmas which is exclusively celebrated by the people of Elmina. The festival was influenced by the Portuguese settlers who celebrated a similar event every January. For the people of Elmina, it's a period of purification, sacrifices to the gods, remembrance of the dead and the welcoming of the New Year.




Techiman, Wenchi(Brong-Ahafo)
A festival for the purification of the people to rid them of social evil. It's a 13 day celebration filled with cultural activities and family reunions. Apoo means "Rejection Of Evil" During the celebrations, women, children and chiefs parade the principal streets of the town to drive away the evil deeds of the past yearly shouting and castigating evil doers in the society.



Krobo Odumase, Eastern Region(80Km East Of Accra
A puberty festival by the Krobos(of Somanya Odumase)
when girls at adolescent age are initiated into woman hood with a parade. The attire of the girls is close to nudity.

May - First Saturday
Winneba, 66Km West of Accra

An exciting festival which is one of the most famous in Ghana . Two warrior groups set out to capture and bring back home a live antelope and the first group to arrive with its catch to the chief and elders is declared the champion. It's a lifetime experience.

NKYIDWO(Monday Night)
Essumeja/Ashanti Region 272Km North of Accra

Very important festival celebrated annually by the people of Essumeja in Ashanti Region to commemorate their birth or how their ancestors emerged one Monday night from a hole in the ground followed by a dog and lion amid drumming, dancing and other activities. The gods are invoked for blessing, protection and prosperity of the people.


AFENORTO(Staying At Home)
Mepe/Volta Region about 74km North-East of Accra

This festival is celebrated annually by the people to take stock of their lives, strengthen family and friendship bonds and pay homage to their ancestors through pouring of libation and funeral obsequies. It's also the period during which the people take stock of their lives and plan for the future; when young men meet their future spouses and pay homage to their ancestors through libations and funeral obsequies; and undertake development  projects

Accra , Osu, Labadi etc. Greater Accra Region

Homowo (hooting at hunger) is one of the gayest festivals celebrated by the people of Ga Traditional Area Ceremonies include processions through the streets of Accra of all twins and the traditional sprinkling of the festive food "Kpokpoi" to the gods and ancestors of the Ga State.

September - First Saturday

coast. 144 km West Of Accra

A very colorful festival. Like all grand festivals, there is a procession of chiefs, drumming and dancing and firing musketry, but there is uniqueness in the traditional attire of the various warrior groups and the slaughtering of a cow in public for 77 gods of Oguaa(Cape Coast)


Akropong, Aburi, Amanokrom, Mamfe North of Accra

A period of remembrance and thanksgiving to the gods for their mercies and a renewal of family and social ties. It marks the belief in life after death, hence the unceasing pouring of chiefs in real pomp and pageantry with the chiefs and queenmothers riding in palanquins, shaded by traditional umbrellas and supported by warriors


Anloga, Volta Region 140 km east of Accra

Celebrated in commemoration of the migration of Anlos from a tyrannical ruler in Notsie to their present homeland. An essential aspect of the festival is a durbar of chiefs and people, dancing and drumming and general merry making.


Sandema, Upper East Region, 839 km north of Accra

The annual FIOK festival is celebrated by the Builsas of Sandema. This is a War festival which re-enacts the ancient heroic exploits of the Builsas. Amidst drumming and dancing, the gods are invoked for protection and for a bountiful harvest.

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